OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD APK (Premium VIP) Download

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OBDeleven Car Diagnostics MOD APK (Premium VIP) Download

In case you have a car and you are looking for a system that will allow you to communicate effectively with the car, track all the parameters, and make a unique impression of comfort, then, then OBDeleven car diagnostics is the best option for you. Innovation has improved our cars and changed the way we talk to them, which requires the use of modern hardware to understand the needs of our cars. This is where this amazing device comes in. Why not research this program together!

OBDeleven Car Diagnostics


App NameOBDeleven Car Diagnostics
PublisherVoltas IT.
GenreAuto & Vehicles
Latest Versionv0.44.0 [Latest]
MOD InfoPro/Paid Features Unlocked
Catch it OnApksofty
UpdateAugust 18, 2021
OBDeleven Car Diagnostics


The OBDeleven car diagnostics MOD APK is an easy-to-use application for your car’s understanding and operation: analyze, read, specify and provide output codes, program frameworks and car screen programs, change and make car power and sky is the limit from there. Download the app, connect the OBDeleven gadget to the OBDII port and access your car via the Android operating system. A light Bluetooth gadget that works with a cloud-based car system provides the help of a reflective technical framework.


General Functions


It enables each car lover to associate with the car.


  • Default car ID from VIN


  • Read and delete display difficulty codes


  • Read data about the control unit


  • Sharing information to check information via email


  • Check battery status


  • History of connected vehicles


  • Scales


  • Engine, Equipment and Fault Appearance



One-day customer coding requests.


We’ve created a code for you! Enable or disable auto power using a single daily customer coding that does not require further details. Lots of different applications are accessible to different vehicles and can be purchased using in-app bills. One-click availability of Click-Apps depends on the car’s gear.


More than 700 different applications have been created and ordered to:


  • Workplace. Reset control and test lights (Oil management reset, brake replacement, etc.)


  • Refunds. Adjust additional car parts after installation (LED tag lights, Washer level sensor, etc.)


  • Repairs. Switch and use various power to comfort the car for your needs.




Lots of power and unusual elements of expertise.


  • Trouble coding framework


  • Advanced control unit data


  • Live Info / Charts


  • Coding / coding II / coding for a long time


  • Sub control units Information


  • coding


  • List of gate establishment


  • Long familiarity / Variety


  • Release test


  • Security / login access


  • Reset control unit (UDS), confirmation and editing history


  • Changes in diagnostic assistance


  • Vehicle system history and stabilization


  • Basic settings

Cloud-based and official cloud-based programs are constantly being updated.


Advanced Models:


After marking the contract with Volkswagen Group, the OBDeleven framework can fully support the display, editing and coding capabilities of Audi, Volkswagen, Škoda, Seat, Bentley and Lamborghini vehicles.




The framework is used in web data sets and therefore requires consistent web integration for faster and smoother operations.


OBDeleven Device:


The app is allowed to launch, however it only works with a specially designed Bluetooth gadget compatible with the OBD-II port that allows full access to all car components.


Nitty gritty ACCESS


An easy-to-use application for understanding and operating your vehicle, including the ability to analyze, read, delete, and trade problem codes, the system and tracking system, change and turn on auto power, and much more. For basic use, simply download the app, connect the OBDeleven gadget to the OBDII port and access your car via the Android operating system; you can quickly meet this application. The smart Bluetooth gadget works with a cloud-based car system that provides the professional help of a framework to give you information on your car.

OBDeleven car diagnostics is available on Android 5.0 and up and is visible and downloaded by many people, which is important. An app that allows people to talk to the car in a real sense and explain all the riddles between you and your car and your friend who will travel with you obviously on all roads, which is very important for all things imagined.




The app has a very important power so that car lovers can connect with their cars with more power to provide a superior client experience. The standard power of the application has, for example, a fixed vehicle ID from the PIN; read and delete indicating difficulty codes; read data about administrator; share logged information logs via email; Check PIN status; the history of the corresponding vehicle; Scales; Car checking, gadget and default codes.


For added usability, you just need to click one tick in the program; you will immediately eat the best help of the app. OBDeleven car diagnostics has compiled your code! Start or turn off the power on the car using a single dose of tick code for regular customers without needing additional information. Loads for various applications are available in a variety of vehicles, and you can purchase on-site credit. The availability of One-Click-Apps depends on the car gadget.




In case you are a master of cars, the app has further programmed your skills, for example, define the freezing problem code; look indeed at the harvest; Information and coding sub-control unit; Gateway Settings List; change analytical assistance; The history of the automotive and rere system…!

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