OsmAnd 2021 MOD APK (Live Unlocked) Free Download For Android

OsmAnd 2021 MOD APK (Live Unlocked) Free Download For Android

For the people who love to travel, they by and large need never to get lost or reliably go where they need. In this way, essential gadgets like GPS, Map, Navigation, Compass, etc, are reliably strong amigos. In any case, everything would be more useful accepting the customer used the phone to replace them. However, not for the most part they have a data relationship for the GPS to work, so this article will introduce OsmAnd+, a separated aide joined with state of the art features to help customers with investigating successfully on any region. The application will similarly normally revive data and download close by guides each time there is an Internet affiliation. Customers can similarly set up the genuine application and have the best travel experience wherever.

OsmAnd 2021

App NameOsmAnd 2021 MOD APK (Live Unlocked) Free Download For Android
PublisherOsmAnd 2021 MOD APK (Live Unlocked) Free Download For Android
GenrePixel+ Music Player 2021 MOD APK (Patcher) Free Download
Size 76M
Latest Version 4.1.7
MOD Info - (2 Months Ago)
Catch it OnOsmAnd 2021 MOD APK (Live Unlocked) Free Download For Android
UpdateSeptember 21, 2021
OsmAnd 2021

The essence of OsmAnd is a detached aide so it will have an essential association point, resembling a little aide. Around the screen lines will be toolbars and classes, allowing customers to helpfully search for any spot in the world or change satellite mode. Clearly, customers can use various features other than maps, like GPS, Navigator, and Compass, and surprisingly coordinate everything into one, making it work significantly. The place of collaboration can be modified, like concealing change, outwardly tested mode, size, or text style changes. OsmAnd isn’t preposterously essential anyway goes with stacks of cool components for the best customer experience, and it starts with a versatile yet straightforward connection point.

Basically any leftover arranging applications require an Internet relationship with work properly, yet not with “OsmAnd,” and customers can use it at whatever point, wherever. The application will subsequently invigorate data for customers about area maps, even in contiguous districts, so customers can without a very remarkable stretch mission for addresses. By the day’s end, it will have all the aide data of the world, and customers will not need to worry about a shortfall of data about regions, scene, and various things. That, but the area web searcher of “OsmAnd” moreover works astutely, as it is invaluable and helps customers with finding any area in the world quickly.

OsmAnd is an aide that is dynamic at whatever point, wherever, and customers can help out it with various phenomenal movements, for example, moving a finger to change position, press to zoom, and go to change the aide bearing. Clearly, all aide data, for instance, address, association name, region, and the city is constantly shown when the customer presses the aide. That will simplify it for customers to find key areas quickly. This application is straightforward, easy to use, and versatile for customers to have the best travel understanding.

It is a super durable modified component of the application, as it by and large saves the customer’s moving data at whatever point, wherever. That simplifies it for customers to screen different partners, regardless, doing whatever it takes not to lose all ability to know east from west in new spots, like metropolitan regions, towns, and unsettled areas. Any spot the customer goes, the application will record even the time spent at those spaces.


You’re late for a course of action and need to get to the target with your current vehicle quickly? Then, use the Offline Navigation component of “OsmAnd.” It is a component that helps the customer with getting the speediest and considerable course for the picked vehicle, similar to a bicycle, vehicle, public vehicle, etc It furthermore shows surveyed time, environment components, and essentially more for the customer to investigate quickly. It is sometimes in a tough spot for customers to be driving, so the application similarly incorporates Voice Guidance, which normally coordinates the customer on the speediest roads.

Expecting that the customer can’t go all over the planet, they can go through the application’s satellite pictures. To be more definite, customers can use Mapillaries to see their natural components, with high picture quality, significant standard, and day/night cycle. To be sure, customers don’t have to go to that cautious region; they can use the data set aside by various customers and experience what was recorded.

OsmAnd should be visible as a versatile and worthwhile aide, allowing customers to investigate in new countries viably, and even do whatever it takes not to become stirred up in far reaching streets. Clearly, it is also an exceptional climbing contraption, as it can reproduce an area through 3D pictures and help customers with having the most solid journey. If you are a standard pilgrim all over the planet, “OsmAnd” will be an optimal choice for you.

GPS Navigation

  • Plotting a course to a spot without an Internet affiliation;

  • Versatile course profiles for different vehicles: vehicles, bicycles, bicycles, 4×4, walkers, boats, public vehicle, and anything is possible from that point;

  • Shift the created direction, considering the preclusion of explicit roads or road surfaces;

  • Versatile information devices about the course: distance, speed, remaining travel time, distance to turn, to say the very least;

Course Planning and Recording

  • Plotting a course point by point using one or diverse course profiles;

  • Course recording using GPX tracks;

  • Supervise GPX tracks: showing your own or imported GPX tracks on the aide, investigating through them;

  • Visual data about the course – plunges/risings, distances;

Making of centers with different convenience

  • Top picks;

  • Markers;

  • Sound/video notes;


  • Making changes to OSM;

  • Reviving aides with a repeat of up to an hour;

Additional features

  • Compass and reach ruler;

  • Mapillary interface;

  • Night subject;

  • Wikipedia;

  • Enormous social class of customers all around the planet, documentation, and support;

Paid components:

Maps+ (in-application or enrollment)

  • Boundless aide downloads;

  • Topo data (Contour lines and Terrain);

  • Nautical profundities;

  • Detached Wikipedia;

  • Detached Wikivoyage – Travel guides;