Podcast Guru MOD APK (Pro Version) Free Download

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Podcast Guru MOD APK (Pro Version) Free Download

Podcast, or a large part of the nowcast, is a continuation of high quality or video content that a client can download and pay attention to. Often, web recording is transmitted as a membership, with the intention of having new groups downloaded via the web from a customer’s PC, a multidisciplinary application, or a convenient media player. With the advent of Podcasts, a host of new, different categories have been introduced, and can be found throughout the local Web recording. This document will introduce Digital Recording Master, a Podcast assortment, and give clients an excellent listening experience. It is an amazing place for local digital recording, giving clients more attractive ways to customize the app and access Podcasts.

Podcast Guru

App NamePodcast Guru
PublisherReally Bad Apps LLC
GenreNews & Magazines
Latest Version1.9.2-beta4 [Latest]
MOD InfoPremium Features PRO Unlocked
Catch it OnApksofty
UpdateAugust, 2021
Podcast Guru


THE BEST UI A Assortment Web recording


Digital Recording Master will bring together all the Podcasts in the world and their forums with the aim that customers can follow the most recent updates. In line with these lines, the app will have an easy-to-understand, easy-to-understand component and effectively display all aspects of digital streaming to the client. The application therefore integrates all the applications and is organized into different categories of customers to deliver content. Obviously, clients can explore without having to open a lot between sections by swiping or using the on-screen router bar. In the app settings, it will provide clients with many attractive options for customizing the app, such as content filtering, interface modification, communication and highlighting.

Need an easy-to-use digital recording player with straightforward settings and easy route? You’ve got your digital recording app! We’ve arranged for Digital Record Master to launch as soon as possible, to get the shows you need to hear and start tuning in 30 seconds or less.


Why would you say you are grateful for Digital Recording Master?


Free confusing, free ad advertising


Appreciate using Digital recording Master your first date, and consistently, with a complete, heavy feeling that is easy to use and does not waste your time or data transfer through annoying ads.


Amazing thing


Successfully track your most popular digital recordings, or discover new shows from dozens of free scenes on the web. Podcaster-controlled digital pricing and digital streaming helps you keep track of what’s going on. In the event that you switch from another Podcast player, it is not difficult to import your existing membership in the OPML document architecture.


Basic download managers


Stream content directly to your phone or download groups to listen disconnected. Decide to download content over WIFI to try not to use cell details. Save scenes to removable volume (e.g., your SD card) in the internal storage room of your gadget.


It’s amazing


Web Recording Master gives members of the audience a great deal of experience in anticipation of recommending other digital broadcast payers to pay for it, including a relaxing clock and flexible playback.

Night mode


About the tendencies of your framework – or plan accordingly.


Audience Digital Digital Master audience members are currently participating in the most recent forums from popular Podcasts including:

  • Infringement and Other
  • Direct relationships
  • The struggle for Unification
  • History Loses Itself

BSP: Devotee Doubter Podcast


Great Podcast Assortment for free

Podcast Master will have all the digital recordings in the world, and on the program’s arrival page will be new Podcasts next to their new item. In this way, they will continue to be known as something new comes to customers. In the meantime, the various categories will be the site for editing popular Podcasts or genres. The multimedia digital distribution of this app is endless; even customers can use a flexible channel to select Podcasts that are ready for you. The content of digital streaming is flexible and rich, and their time is comparable and can be divided into scenes that clients can expect. Clients can customize the app, so the item is displayed in a selection of their top choices.

Get a new Digital Recording in your playlist


The Find feature of Podcast Master is a useful tool for people who are not qualified for their trends. It will show a moving web recording as indicated by celebrity names, and surprisingly as a single genre. Thanks to the application interface of the app, it will display the total digital recording, such as the scene, the distribution date, the content, and surprisingly the distribution plan for the entire scene. What’s more, with the division of acquisition clients can undoubtedly expand their playlists, thereby creating a combination of digital recording and relevant content for themselves.



Digital recordings are usually part of a conversation about something, initially done with just a few clicks and you don’t have to worry about visually. The content of the digital recording scene should be provided to the client regardless of whether it is only a sound dock, so clients can pay attention to the Podcast while doing different things. Digital broadcast rentals are endless and compelling, where clients can easily ignore the exciting news from their # 1 characters. In addition, “Podcast Master” will ensure that the client’s listening experience is accurate, and successfully interacts with the scene via notification bar or lock-screen.

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