Rest as Android APK Mod (Premium Unlock) Free Download

Rest as Android APK Mod (Premium Unlock) Free Download

Feeling your work has become so clamoring these days that you don’t have the chance to rest? You don’t have the amazing chance to go through a fair night’s rest? You are worried about shortfall of rest which will negatively impact your prosperity? So this will be a response for increase efficiency in helping you with getting a strong break time. An application called Sleep as Android will be the best decision that will help you with additional fostering your rest successfully and free. Made by Urbandroid, a gathering that makes applications for additional creating prosperity, helping you with getting rest, loosen up and maintain customers to lead a strong lifestyle to bring people Use easy to additionally foster prosperity in everyday presence.

Rest as Android

App NameRest as Android APK Mod (Premium Unlock) Free Download
PublisherRest as Android APK Mod (Premium Unlock) Free Download
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UpdateSeptember 21, 2021
Rest as Android

Their applications are as of now for the most part invited and amazingly content with what they bring. With many features associated with Sleep as Android, customers will persistently change their resting penchants and give themselves a searing morning. Right when you present this application, you will endeavor to experience this application for around 14 days after which the application will charge a foundation cost of around 7$. Accepting you see many benefits that this application brings during the primer, then, with no money you want to mourn.

So how may Sleep as Android help customers further foster their rest? In this application, Sleep as Android” has a part that various customers are excited about is “Rest following”. With this component, you will allow this application to follow your rest cycle by setting your rest range for how long and will wake you on time. But like how to set alerts on cells, the qualification here is that this application will show more estimations about the results in the discernment cooperation you are assessed on 4 models:

Duration Sleep, Sleep oddity, Deep rest and wheezing. Also, the application similarly gives an additional a graph of absence of rest from you. Taking into account the notice results, customers can know what they need to improve to help with changing your rest time fittingly. Track your rest cycle and wake up wise: As referred to over, this application will follow your rest cycle to make an assessment of the results seen during the discernment to help people. Use your awareness of what you need to improve your rest.


With this component, customers can additionally foster their rest status to have a strong mind and an energetic body. Besides, the application in like manner can set notification to remind customers to get some sleep on schedule to get the best effect and wake customers up following getting adequate rest. The application moreover makes a rest diagram for customers to see and have any knowledge of their new rest guides to additionally foster rest.

Rest as Android APK Mod

Alert Sounds: regardless the alarm sounds to wake the customer, there are traces of nature quieting and wonderful to make it lights-out an ideal opportunity for the customer speedier. This will maintain the rest cycle since when we hear a sound of nature, we take after returning to nature’s mother. As lowered in the arms of the convincing power of nature warm and fragile, carefully rest us to rest Record Sleep: When you rest, the application in like manner licenses recording for the most part sounds emanated during your rest. Routinely your new voices or even the wheezes are recorded so you can listen again the next morning. Among its most entrancing features you’ll notice an outline that shows you how long you’ve rested over the latest a few days, including how much significant rest and shallow rest. Additionally, it shows you in the occasion that you’re resting essentially than what is recommended for you and how you should change your affinities.

Rest as Android APK

Implied 2 essential tones: white and blue. Not unnecessarily appealing, but sensitive for watchers to take note. The place of communication of the application is updated for all information simply in a lone cell and in that tab, there are various orders coordinated by the imaginative gathering. This is especially worthwhile and easy to become adjusted to using the application. The foremost grouping will be “Ready Setting”, followed by “The past evening” to show the past evening’s rest time, underneath is “Rest Evaluation Score”, finally “Recording Snoring or Speaking Tangle “. Rest as Android is a morning clock application that blows away ordinary wireless morning clocks. In any case, it goes with a limit with respect to a consistent wake-up that forms the volume persistently to stir you even more carefully; but it consolidates far something past that.


Various decisions associated with the application are: handling numerical inquiries as a strategy for ending the caution so you exhibit you’re genuinely cognizant, or sleep time melodies that help you with falling asleep and which subsequently switch off after two or three minutes. The place of cooperation is easy to use, you can get acquainted immediately. Coming to this application, the idea of rest will be on a very basic level improved. This assurances both your mind and body are in the best state to work. Download Sleep as Android blankly now. Rest as Android is a rest supplement instrument that consolidates features which are obviously better than most standard morning clocks.