TextNow Premium MOD APK Free Download (Texting & Calling)

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TextNow Premium MOD APK Free Download (Texting & Calling)

TextNow is an app that helps you with calling and texting your friends with important skills that any client will see. It gives clients the opportunity to connect with their friends or family members in case they are in a reserved region. At the same time, the application also works with them to resolve decisions in different countries at a lower cost than expected.


TextNow offers low cost, bringing the world to more than 230 countries. Stay tuned for longer with prices starting at under $ 0.01 per minute. Claim cash or bring free cash by completing what is provided in your record and stick to the lower decisions of international decisions.


TextNow gives you a straightforward and easy-to-use app interface for any client without much access. Clients will set aside the effort to meet what the program brings to the table, and now the cycle does not take long due to the proximity factors it can bring. Basically, the app interface is like the power to call and inform that any client is constantly hiring.

TextNow Premium


App NameTextNow
Latest Version21.19.0.0
MOD InfoPremium MOD APK
Catch it OnApksofty
UpdateAugust, 2021

With more direct visibility, clients will pursue key skills to apply and acquire new skills. At the same time, selecting countries to contact is quick with just one touch and you know whether it can be free or not. After all, this is the perfect application for people who are constantly texting and calling others, especially in these two nations by the US and Canada. The app is similarly given something when you are in different countries.


TextNow Premium Apk Free Text Sending SMS, Notification Image, Calling, and Voice Message. Free unlimited calls and unlimited SMS texts that inform all US and Canadian phone numbers. TextNow gives you your dedicated phone number to send messages to and call your friends, family, soul mates, neighbors, or anyone else you can look for!


  • US phone number near Canada
  • Give your friends your phone number to call!
  • Unlimited content and image information
  • You can send as many instant messages as you need in the US and Canada – FREE!
  • Unlimited driving in the USA and Canada
  • Stay tuned to unlimited phone resolutions on any phone number in the US and Canada!



  • TextNowuse TextNow as your single SMS messaging system!
  • Sit back and get voice decisions
  • Thumbnails, stickers and gifs
  • Full picture notification: send, receive and save photos!
  • Video notification: Send recordings to your loved ones
  • Voice message Record: record your voice message
  • Guest ID
  • Password: keep your messages secure
  • Google Smart Lock: no compelling reason to remember your password
  • Call Shipping
  • Gathering call
  • Adjustable content tone, ringtone and vibration
  • Flexible foundations
  • Give individual contacts their ringtone and background
  • Quick response to effective (and fast) response from friends
  • Home screen gadget to send TextNow, make another message or make a quick decision
  • Bound together the inbox: send and receive your texts, SMS and GIFs directly using
  • Number one, different gadgets – Send messages and decide on decisions on your PC or tablet, instantly accessing them from your phone while speeding up.
  • com – text from your PC as well! All messages are always synchronized with your mobile phone.
  • Flexible taps to protect you from fallen wires. Flexible dialing is a unique TextNow feature that allows our phones to select the best course for your phone to work with quality


TextNow gives you the most basic capabilities any client would like: call and text messaging for free while in the USA and Canada. At the end of the day, when you use the app and call / text the majority of the two nations’ neighbors, you will not lose money. At the same time, before using the app, clients further need to check whether they are allowed to use this service before making an instant message or call. As a first step, whenever you make a phone call, you will need to go through the process of checking that help is stored on your gadget. It is a practical step toward making sure that you do not lose sight of the more important things you spend with your loved one. So, after checking the app menu, simply enter your phone number, select your country, and start talking to people you know.


TextNow gives you the best power any client should ever abuse because of the opportunity and opportunity it can bring. At the same time, especially with texting, it can be very different from using a specific group of people to communicate with your contacts. In particular, you can send gifs and empowering stickers to communicate your feelings to them and increase the appeal of the story during the ad.

Whenever you are done with your appreciation, you will have the option to send many benefits to your friends and family without gifs and stickers. For example, you can similarly send your family recordings with this app to your friends and family. At the same time, you can sometimes record your voice to be different from texting or uncontrollable. So your sense of command remains unchanged.


The key forces identified above, if you are outside the region of a wireless organization, actually work wonders to address customer issues. You can send any text or call completely without any problem. Therefore, the app shows more acceptance when the client is in a designated area. At the same time, the app likewise allows you to achieve more when transferring to different nations.

In addition to the two proposed nations, the US and Canada, the application also allows clients to communicate with 240 different nationalities. Thus, you can call your friends in different countries for more time to meet than regular beatings. In particular, this less expensive organization comes from the app’s customer support when they use the app to call different nations.


The app gives you a lower cost than the traditional cost when you just need to spend $ 0.01 per minute to decide on international decisions. However, at the same time, it also saves a few expenses and can make a few offers that the app offers to get real hit time. So, this app is what any client should try for the fun and value it can bring.

Is it really free?

No trick. No annual or monthly fees! It’s completely free! Download today and start sending and receiving your unlimited text, photos, recordings, and SMS messages.


How can this be free? The application is accompanied by a few ads. If you don’t mind ads, you can purchase memberships to get rid of them. Join the 100 million people who have successfully found the best way to communicate and send free text messages.


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