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YouTube Vanced 2021 MOD APK (VIP AD-FREE/OFF bg Play) Download

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YouTube Vanced 2021 MOD APK (VIP AD-FREE/OFF bg Play) Download

Suppose you use Youtube as a basic device. All things considered, you use them consistently to watch the recording, pay attention to the music or transfer the recording, then, at the same time you obviously know that Youtube Vanced – a YouTube translation with a blocking ad. This translation has brought customer satisfaction, it is a good decision for some people. To further improve, such as meeting the growing needs of customers, a timely form was introduced. The revision of YouTube Vanced (Version 2), depending on the form of the previous form, has improved many other important features. This means that you will have another decision to meet the best of what Youtube offers. What if we find out what’s going on in this world?

YouTube Vanced


App NameYouTube Vanced
PublisherGoogle LLC
GenreVideo Players & Editors,Entertainment
Latest Versionv16.36.34 [Latest]
MOD InfoAD-Block / Background Playback/ HDR/ Max Resolution
Catch it OnApksofty
UpdateSeptember 12, 2021
YouTube Vanced


YouTube Vanced MOD APK Enjoy your # 1 accounts and channels without ADS and Background Play in this YouTube app. Video notifications are annoying these days. In any case, don’t stress that we are here to deal with you. YouTube Vanced is the only YouTube-related app that offers premium features. Premium features, for example, YouTube Background Play, YouTube Picture on Video Video play or PIP, ads irritate and open additional quality accounts. Download YouTube Premium videos and open YouTube Premium Features for Free. The YouTube Vanced APK with sign-in problem is designed for No Root and is hosted on both Android devices.

YouTube Vanced Features:


  • No root is expected to be introduced


  • There is no need to remove the official YouTube, which you can voluntarily present as YouTube.


  • Works on Chromecast.


  • A whole new ad delivery strategy


  • Simplified mode to enable basic playback


  • Enable / disable basic playback using settings


Press VP9 Codec options for better video quality and transfer speed usage (Settings -> IYTBP settings)


  • Uninstall Max Resolution (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)


  • Selected video quality switch (WiFi / Data) (Settings -> IYTBP settings)


  • Enable / Disable Information Cards for Recording (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)


  • Enable / disable suggestion cards for recording (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)


  • Enable / Disable channel tag watermark for recording (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)


  • Click to zoom in on all gadgets


  • With the help of a modem microG, sign-in and streaming work with everything (no upgrades to external gadgets are not guaranteed)



According to the report, the 2 variant has attracted more clients. As this new update has a lot of great features, besides bat, it updates the settings on gadgets running Android 5 and 6. In addition, it continues to improve the timing of Vanced Youtube boot, Youtube Music, and further improve performance. Third, the refreshment has another look, it is fun and appropriate for the taste buds of other people.


The app allows you to drive to play HDR or mood killer 60 fps in case you like the truth in the life experience by recording Codec options. You can change the default play speed elsewhere in the range of 0.25x and 2x, depending on your needs and listening capabilities. On any gadget, this variant is set to make 4k sharp play due to its high purpose. The app as well allows you to switch over promotions, public tab posts, and movie deals. The details of the flag are vague but extremely clear. In the unlikely event that you do not care to comment or comment, you can also delete it to keep yourself from worrying.




In addition to the previous translation focus, these 2 variants have different terms, which increase completeness when using the app. The formula creates shading options to reduce eye strain and client battery life. Two distinctly different features are the ad blocking when viewing the recording, but form 2 adds something that allows you to play video behind the scenes or in the photo gallery (Android in 8.0). Additionally, you can control the splendor and volume by controlling the swipe.


The same adjustment provides automatic highlighting, allowing you to play music or watch recordings of TikTok. This also applies to customers if you like watching the video until you get tired. This item saves you the ability to re-select.



In watching the recording or listening to music, if you don’t care about the weird parts, you skip, for example, opening, finishing, and short registration. These variations equally empower you to avoid distinct, annoying segments. You can find more information about how the app uses the API. At the same time, it allows you to add in a wide area and present your components in the API.

By looking at the classes played back in the event gaming process, you can trace those parts with a variety of vivid shades. As a result skip sections or categories; select whether you can show the button to ignore the ignore by any means. You are in control. This thing works with customers; they will not be disappointed by those changes.


The most effective way to download APP


In order to have the option to use the highlights of the app, there are a few sections you need to go through. First, you need to submit the full form of this to your gadget. After that, in that moment, you open the Vanced Manager app and start setting up by selecting the app to download or both Vanced Youtube and YouTube music. You choose Grant Root permission when your phone is rooted. If not, press the Close button. This new form has a modified interface, so when you select settings, new data and items will appear on the screen. Need to find out the details of the form? Go to ovals, select settings, update Manager, and About!


With Adaptation 2, you can choose which version you need to be compatible with your phone because it has it.

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